Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me Throughout My Case?

When a person commits a crime, it is like gambling. You may get away with whatever you are attempting, be it shoplifting a candy bar or killing your neighbor. Then again you may not get away with it, and hiring a lawyer is the first thing many people think of when they get caught and are accused of a crime. What could a criminal defense attorney do to help an accused person? Let us explore that question.

Aside from the usual work of calling witnesses and cross examining of witnesses that the prosecution has called to testify against you, there are a number of other jobs that your criminal defense attorney should or could be doing on your behalf.

Your attorney should try to work with you and the prosecution towards a plea bargain or a deal that can often limit your time of incarceration. Trying to get a plea bargain without the aid of a criminal defense attorney is difficult and many prosecutors will not work with a person who chooses to represent himself in court of law. An attorney is also going to be able to put what is happening during your trial in perspective for you to fully understand what is going on. This will allow you to make the most informed decision about how you want your case handled.

Many defendants go through a range of emotions during trial proceedings. Depression, anxiety, fear and embarrassment are a few and without prior knowledge to how court proceedings and trials work ,it can harm a defendant mentally and change how a he may think about his current situation and what the future holds. A good criminal defense attorney can help guide a person through these emotions by using their court room experience as a tool to gauge what could happen next and knowing what to expect can take a lot of stress out of an already stressful situation.

Your criminal defense attorney is also going to be able to navigate and understand the intricate web that laws seem to weave. With sections, and sub sections and articles, law is written in a nearly undecipherable language to most common folk. A lawyer will be able spend the time to go through the law books and work angles that a defendant may not think about or have the time to even consider, that is his job, to work on the case for you.

There are many advantages to hiring a criminal defense attorney, but it is important to find an attorney that fits your case. Asking questions and taking a little time could mean the difference between finding a good lawyer and finding the best lawyer for your current situation.

Can A Newport Beach DUI Lawyer Get My License Back?

Yes, a Newport Beach DUI lawyer can get your license back after a suspension due to DUI. The first line of defense would be to avoid a suspension in the first place. Without a good Newport Beach DUI Lawyer if your license is suspended or revoked it will be returned after the period s ended and by paying a reissue fee of $125 or $100 if you are under the age of 21.

Your license is suspended or revoked immediately and is independent of any court imposed sentencing.

Under vehicle code 13352(a)(1) a suspension or revocation is automatically imposed if you are found guilty by the court. The court notified the department of motor vehicles (DMV) of the outcome of your case.

If you take the blood, breath or urine test and are older than 21 and this is your first offense your license will be suspended for four months. If this was your second or subsequent offense; or if you are under the age of 21 your license will be suspended for one year.

If you do not take or fail the blood, breath, or urine test and your license is suspended and this is your first offense your license will be suspended for one year. If within 10 years there is a second offense your license will be revoked for 2 years and subsequent offenses in a 10 year period results in revocation for 3 years.

So what can you do to avoid getting your license suspended or revoked? To avoid getting your license suspended or revoked you should hire a good Newport Beach DUI lawyer that can get your sentence plead down to reckless driving or any other offense other than driving under the influence. The goal of a good lawyer would be to avoid a guilty verdict that would trigger the courts to contact the DMV. If your course is taken to trial you will want the results of your trial to be either a mistrial, hung jury or not guilty.

If you contact a good Newport Beach DUI lawyer soon after you are arrested there are a few measures that a lawyer can take to get a temporary stay of your suspended license. This will give your lawyer a change to prepare a case to help you keep your license.

Your lawyer will want to review the test performed at the time you were arrested such as video of any competency test, blood, breath, or urine test performed. The goal of your lawyer will be to disprove that you were under the influence. So that your lawyer has ample time to prepare your case you will want to contact him right away.

If you are unable to get your case plead down and your license is suspended or revoked a Newport Beach DUI lawyer can still provide you with counsel on steps to legally drive before the end of your suspension or revocation. You can obtain a restricted license by following the specific procedures outlined by the DMV.

Can An Injury Attorney Visit Me In The Hospital?

The circumstances surrounding an injury that lands you in the hospital can be difficult to navigate. With your body already in excruciating pain, the last thing you need is to add mental stress to the equation. Of course, it’s natural to inquire as to whether your injury attorney is able to visit you while you are in the hospital. During an uncertain time, having an attorney close by to act as the voice of reason makes a world of difference.

Your injury attorney can visit you in the hospital and absolutely should if they wish to accurately assess your injuries and build a case for your settlement. Certain states may require that you or one of your loved ones must contact the injury attorney beforehand and formally request a hospital visit, but this is a very minor hurdle that should not cause any major issues.

In order to provide the highest quality assistance to clients who’ve been seriously injured, hospital visits are a necessary aspect of being an injury attorney. The best injury attorneys are the ones who are there for their clients, no matter the situation. If a prospective legal representative is unwilling or unable to make hospital visits, they should not remain in consideration for the position.

Suffering an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence should not lessen the amount of care and attention to detail an injury attorney gives to your case. Choosing an injury attorney to handle this case may be the most important decision you ever make, so do not choose an injury attorney who is unable to fully help you.

It is impossible for an injury attorney to be able to develop a feasible strategy for winning you the settlement you deserve without a face to face meeting. Having an injury attorney who will come to you and analyze your injuries up close to pivotal to your case. The attorney is then able to take this information back to the insurance company and fight for your rightful settlement.

Without an up close insight into your injuries, negotiations with the insurance become more difficult, as they are able to more easily downplay your injuries. The insurance company is not an ally to the injured person during these negotiations, making it all the more important to have an injury attorney who will visit you in the hospital.

The insurance claims adjuster will typically attempt to cajole you into taking a substandard offer early in the negotiations. Having an injury attorney by your side, making regular hospital visits will keep you from lunging at these low offers.

A quality injury attorney can visit you in the hospital and will. Make sure to follow the proper protocol for your location and let your injury attorney handle the rest.

Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Work As A Team Within A Firm

The image of the suave, witty lone-wolf criminal defense attorney is one often valorized in television and movies. But this image fails to indicate to viewers a fact well-known to those familiar with the actual day-to-day activity of a law firm. This fact is that one of the greatest assets of a given law firm is its members’ ability to work as a team. There is a special power that comes when experienced attorneys tackle the intricacies of a case together, and it is something that can rarely, if ever, be replicated by one attorney working on his own.

Successful and responsible law firms believe that success is best achieved as a firm. In other words, individual successes are rendered less valuable, less laudable, if other members of the firm were failing at the same time. But if the criminal defense attorneys in a firm spread their wealth of knowledge and experience to multiple cases, including those they are not themselves heading up, then the overall success of the firm is much more likely. This is why successful firms prize team players over lone-wolves that are primarily interested in number one.

So, how do criminal defense attorneys work as a team? What are the methods of collaboration most commonly used? The answers to these questions are not necessarily complex or surprising. Plain, old-fashioned brainstorming sessions are one of the primary ways that attorneys work together. Lawyers tend to be fairly loquacious people, and this can be particularly true of criminal defense attorneys. Gathered together in a room and tasked with a legal conundrum or two, criminal defense attorneys can work wonders in a relatively small amount of time. The key to success in such brainstorming sessions is that those present are willing to listen to, and learn from, their colleagues. Those familiar with such gatherings tend to be open to the potential benefits, having likely found them to be rewarding in the past.

Another way that criminal defense attorneys work as a team is by dividing up the tasks of a case. Some members of the team will have strengths that the others do not share and vice versa. By charging particular members of a team with tasks for which they are particularly well-suited, the overall case is strengthened. Not every criminal defense attorney will be the best at every aspect of of a case. This is just the simple fact of the matter. But it is also factual that by sharing duties, and playing to one another’s strengths, the legal representation produced by a given firm will be the best that it can be. Clients benefit when criminal defense attorneys work as a team, so does the firm and the attorneys themselves.

Can An Orange County DUI Lawyer Reinstate Driving Privileges?

If you have been charged with a DUI for the first time, you may be completely unaware of the affect this charge will have on your driving privileges. In most cases, they will be revoked, leaving you to wonder when you will be allowed to drive again. Many who experience a DUI arrest falsely believe that they will be convicted anyways and do not bother to hire an Orange County DUI lawyer.

However, if you do lose your driving privileges, an Orange County DUI lawyer can be helpful in getting those privilege reinstated. If a client has been arrested, that means there is still time to get their driving privileges reinstated before a conviction takes place.

You and your Orange County DUI lawyer are still able to sit down and develop a legal defense strategy to use in court. Time is of the essence during this time period. If you do not move with speed and precision, you could lose your chance to reinstate your driving privileges.

You increase your chances by enlisting the services of a top notch Orange County DUI lawyer. Time becomes a factor, because upon arrest, a client automatically loses their driver’s license when it is confiscated by the arresting officers. After this takes place, the person is given a temporary driving permit that expires within one month.

Once your DUI arrest has taken place, you are given a period of no more than ten days to schedule an hearing with California’s Department of Motor Vehicles. An Orange County DUI lawyer is not a mandatory presence at this hearing, but for those who wish to reinstate their driving privileges, it is recommended to have a lawyer present.

Your lawyer’s presence is crucial at this hearing, as you will need to be able to provide evidence that proves you were not operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, or show that it was an outside factor that led officers to believe you were driving drunk. As the hearing with the DMV takes place, a DMV representative conducts their own meeting with the client in a designated meeting area.

If you want to regain your driving privileges, having an Orange County DUI lawyer in your corner is vital. If the DMV representative does not believe you, then your driving privileges will be suspended for a lengthy period of time, making it difficult to continue your life as you are accustomed to. Driving to work or the grocery store becomes an act of breaking the law. Even a quick trip down the block could land you in prison.

Been arrested for DUI and wish to reinstate your driving privileges? An Orange County DUI lawyer is the only person standing between you and a life without the ability to drive. They can provide you with the legal help you need to make sure your life stays on track.